Wrote, produced, and scored Food Cart. Shot in Portland Oregon, Food Cart is a short film that tells the story of a struggling young chef who runs out of ingredients forcing him to choose between a horrible crime or risk losing everything. Currently making the film festival rounds. 

Created and organized the Flame & Flavor dinner series. 
Flame & Flavor is an invitation only cannabis dinner series presented by Annata featuring talented chefs from the Pacific Northwest and beyond. We provide the chefs with their choice of fresh local ingredients to create their own several course menu for our guests. 
Each dish features a cannabis component thoughtfully integrated into each plate. The emphasis is on creatively using the flavors and terpenes of the featured cannabis strains.

Flame & Flavor #1

Flame & Flavor #2

Flame & Flavor #3

Contributor to online magazine CRAFT by Under My Host, "CRAFT by Under My Host is a free digital magazine that was founded in 2013 and began publishing in 2014. CRAFT is dedicated to promoting the independent food and beverage industry through storytelling and education."

ASIA & OCEANIA Spring 2016

FANTASY Autumn 2017

Branding, Design & project Management

Project managed and designed packaging, labels, and print ads for Annata Canapa Secco, a Seattle based cannabis company. Managed social media, marketing, and PR. 
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